An Update from the House

At RMHC in Omaha, we’re no strangers to illness. The families we serve have children facing a whole host of illnesses, many of which compromise their immune systems, making them vulnerable to infections. As an organization, we do whatever it takes to ensure those children and their families have a clean, safe, supportive environment where they can heal, together. With the help of each and every one of you, every day, we take extraordinary measures to create ordinary times for our families. And that statement is just as true now as it has always been.

While concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19 abound, families are still in need of our services. They have children in need of organ transplants, or feeding therapies, or facing any other host of illnesses that compromise their immune systems. Combined with a sense of duty to uphold our social responsibility, we are making a few changes for these constantly-changing times, and we need your help.

Families count on our community to provide them with much-needed meals at the end of their long days, and that need has not diminished during this pandemic. However, to lessen the risk of potential infection for our families, we will only accept “curbside delivery” meal donations. We are thoroughly grateful for the continued support of our Meals That Heal program, so any groups that have signed up or would be interested in signing up to donate meals will be asked to have a prepared catered meal brought to the front door, or the ingredients to prepare a full meal can be brought to the front door for on-site staff to prepare inside the House.

To account for the days when a meal is not prepared, we are looking for donations to fill those gaps. Things like frozen casseroles, boxed meals, and the like, would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Emily Mozer at emozer@rmhcomaha.org you are willing to support our families in this way.

We take pride in being a part of such a generous, caring, and dedicated community of folks just like you who continually go the extra mile to provide our families with all the things they need. We hope you and your loved ones stay well, and we thank you for helping make life a little more normal in our House.

From our families to yours,

Lindsey Rai Kortan
Chief Executive Officer

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